Monday, March 16, 2015

CardMaker--Sakura of America Blog Hop

Hello and welcome!  Thanks for joining me for my first blog hop with CardMaker
  A big thank you goes to Sakura for supplies us with Quickie Glue pens and White Gelly Roll pens to experiment with. 

 I'd tried some of the many knock-off brands of gel pens and been burned before.  All those colors looked so tantalizing in the store, but when I brought them home, they'd only write a few lines and then...nothing.  I gave up on gel pens...until now.

This Gelly Roll pen wrote a drew like a dream.  (And it's still working after several projects!)  For this first card, I wanted something pink and white for a little girl.  I fussy-cut these flowers, made the insides pop with some white and even used the glue pen to add some gold glitter to the center of the flowers, but that didn't show up very well in photos.

For this next card, I did my first REAL glitter card,  using the Sakura's glue pen to really highlight this zinnia stamp from Stampendous.  

Okay.  I know this one's very simple, but I like it anyway.  I'd been wanting to do these little flowers ever since I found this "Blooming Garden" stamp set from Penny Black.  I colored the flowers with the white gel pen and then used the glue pen to add gold leaf to the center of each flower.  

I love the way it sparkles!

I put this one together from some scraps that were staring up at me from my drawer, crying out to be used.  I'd used this Hero Arts cupcake stamp before, but I was never pleased with the results.  This time I decided to tint it with watercolor pencils and then add some sparkle.

With the glue pen, I touched up the candy hearts and sprinkles with pink, orange and aqua glitter.  Now it looks good enough to eat...and good enough to send to my little niece, Sierra!  I hope she'll like it, too!

I thought I was through for the day.  I'd even half-finished cleaning up, when I glanced at what I'd thought was a mistake earlier in the day.  I'd stamped this cluster of flowers with watercolors and added touches of chunky orange glitter, hoping it might look dewy.   I'd been disappointed in the results and threw it aside.  

But the end of a busy day, I actually loved it.  I didn't want to spoil it with too much going on, so I just added a bit of calligraphy.  This ended up being one of my favorite cards. No wonder.  It combines my two favorite things...watercolors and calligraphy.

Thanks again, CardMaker and Sakura!

Keep on hopping with us today.  Next up is my friend and teammate Patti Gilliam, and she's sure to have created something to make you smile.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

U Inspire Me

I'm back on the CardMaker blog today with a creation inspired by "a piece of art, fashion, home decor, photograph, etc."

I'd been looking forward to this blog, but suddenly it was very hard.  One of my closest cousins, Kenneth Andrew Osburn, died suddenly of a heart attack February 25th.  He was only 57. 

 I was stunned.   Still am.  I couldn't even think of creating anything for several days, but I knew I had to get back to work.  

He loved cards and letters we sent.  I know.  Everybody loves getting cards and letters.  But Kenny always seemed so extra-appreciative.  He always made a point of calling to thank us for the birthday cards.  I got a big kick out of making them special for him.  One year I found a sticker set with a golf bag/ball, etc., and I used that to make one birthday card have a golfing scene.  A couple of years ago I got an airplane stamp.  I loved it anyway, but it was perfect for him.  Sometimes I’d see special paper with airplanes or something on it, and I’d say, “This would make a good card for Kenny.”  Last December, I found this die-cut set I really liked.  Among other things, it had a couple of patterns for airplanes, and I planned to use one on this year’s birthday card in July.  It doesn’t bear thinking…I can’t send them to him any more. 

Kenny was always giving to me--giving of himself, giving laughter, comfort and so much more.  He made this blog and so much more possible with the gift of his own old laptop almost four years ago.  I was thinking of Kenny, wondering what I could use for my "U Inspire Me" blog, when I saw the answer right in front of me.  

 Kenny brought this little magnet back to me when he went to Cozumel in 2009.  I keep it on the side of my little metal scrap box, right here on my desk.  
So I dedicate this blog...and all those to come... to my dear, funny, wonderful cousin Kenny.

.......With love.......