Friday, August 30, 2013


Years ago, when I first discovered real cardstock and bought my first cardmaking books, I saw a few designs with windows cute out in front, and I thought, "What a great idea!"  I had all sorts of pictures in my head.....what I would do with a window card, but I could never actually bring those pictures to life.  I tried cutting a few window myself, but there was always something wrong.  Too big.  Too little.  Too crooked.  You name it. 

Just recently, I found this pack of window cards and envelopes.  Our neighbor must have given up on her creative streak, because she was selling all sorts of cardmaking supplies, calligraphy tools, etc.  At last, I could try out some of my own ideas. 

I wanted a get well card for my oldest brother.  Well, maybe not exactly a get well card, but something cheerful as he's still recovering from his bike accident.

This was my first try, using the vase stamp from the PrintWorks set I love so much.  Leo uses coneflowers in the logo of his Wildflower Custom Instruments    As usual, the flowers I drew quickly on scrap paper turned out much better than those on my actual card.  I always get too nervous and freeze up.

I played around with some scraps and tried again.

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