Monday, February 3, 2014

My Uncle Douggie

Douglas Stephen Osburn
July 31, 1931-January 30, 2014

He was a small-town-Kansas son and a father of five boys.  He was my mother's teasing big brother.   He was a Marine.  He was the keeper of our family's genealogy, and he generously shared and passed this along to me.  
Douggie and Georgie
Douggie and Dorothy

Douggie and Bud

He shared with me his memories and opinions as well.  In a March 24th, 1992 letter he wrote:

...I do a lot of reading and music listening (am very talented at both)...a critic is very important.  If we didn't have readers and listeners, we wouldn't need writers and performers.  I am unable to perform and of the arts:  painting, drawing, writing or performing, but am an exceptional critic of each and every one.  Some people that don't realize how good I am think that I criticize too much, but am just doing my job.  I don't allow people to criticize the things I make, because most of them are not qualified critics.  You've got to have years of experience before you can do a good job.  Performers can begin young because there are experienced critics to lead them to the right path--but you must have lived a number of years to actually qualify as an experienced and knowledgeable critic...

I will always miss my most knowledgeable critic.

I love you, Uncle Douggie!

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