Monday, September 15, 2014

Seriously Study Hall

 Setting out to make a late-summer sheath dress, I started with a Butterick pattern and ended up having to throw my work in the trash and start over from scratch.  I was not pleased.

This Vogue 7241 sheath fits like a dream.   I cut it a wee bit shorter than the pattern for a true '60s look.  Don't try lining the whole dress with another fabric, as the instructions suggest.  Too bulky!   I lined the neck and armholes with tulle before putting in the darts.  

Darts in doll clothes, particularly full darts like these, used to be scary.  No more.  First I mark them with a pin prick, and then I mark each teeny tiny hole with wash-away marker.  Then sew with short stitches.

I call this "Seriously Study Hall," and it's available on my etsy shop at:

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